Lt. Paul F. BiaGioni
1230 Batt. (AVN-MP)
3rd Army
Photos courtesy of Paul Gioni, son of Lt. Paul F. BiaGioni
The Great Crusade
Meritorious Service Unit Award
Patton's Congratulations
Patton & Bradley Congratulations
Vandenburg & Weyland Congratulations
Victory in Europe
Hunting the HUN
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  Lt. BiaGioni is surveying the garden of a home he was living in near Nuremburg.  Here he lived with a German WWI vet his wife and daughter whom looked like a pigtailed Heidi.  He was asked how the family liked him living in their home, and he replied" they didn't have much choice".  One day Lt. BiaGioni brought home a can of grapefruit juice from the PX and gave it to the wife.  She declined it thinking it to great a gift.  He got her to accept it because he told her a little white lie that his stomach couldn't handle it.  She later told him that she knew at that moment that Germany had no chance to win the war if after so many years at war the Americans could give out such luxuries.
Here during morning shift Lt. BiaGioni is giving out the days assignments and inspecting his group of MP's !  These are the same MP,s that protect the boundaries of the 354th FG airfield where ever they are located.
A lineup of the 353rd Fighter Squadron P-51 D's in review.
355FS planes 4 abreast.

GQ-R  Plane unidentified

GQ-I  Early plane was Lt. Gross'
This plane is Lt. Bob Ramer's

GQ-B was at one time Lt. Bob Stephens

GQ-P  was the plane of Lt.       Gilbert Talbot
A captured FockeWulf-190 that was used by the pilots until one over zealous 354th pilot who thought he could fly it bellied it in at the 354th's airstrip.
 Thus, no more fun in the FW-190 for the rest of the pilots.
  Below are the results of this pilots flying skills in an FW-190, and yes he survived to tell about it.
This is the ride of the highest scoring ace of the Ninth Airforce Lt. Col. Glenn Eagleston of the 353rd Fighter Squadron.  He had a score of 18.5 aerial victories to help the 354th Fighter Group take "TOP Honors" as the top scoring fighter group in aerial victories in WWII.
This is the headquarters of the 1230th MP Company in Nuremburg.  Below is a photo of the captured patrol vehicle an "Opel" that is in use by some of the MP's in the group.  
Could this be a relative of Col. Klink?  No, I think what we have here is a captured Major's uniform from the Luftwaffe barracks in the background and worn by none other than Lt. Paul BiaGioni with a lens removed from a flashlight as his monocle.  This is quite a likeness of Col. Klink don't you think?
Here are some excellant examples of Resistance Francs and some postage stamps with Hitler on them