Lt. Robert M. Lamar
Hometown:  Augusta, Georgia

COLLEGE: Georgia Institute of Technology  ( Georgia Tech )

Flying School Class:  Class 43-D Stamford, Texas

First Assignment: Member of 363rd Fighter Group June 8,1944 through August 1944

Next Assignment: Transferred to 354th Fighter Group August 1944 through February 1945

Planes flown: P- 47D , P- 51B, and P- 51D

Member of the 355th Fighter Squadron , "Pugnacious Pups"

Returned to Pinellas Airfield in February 1945 and served as Flying Instructor.
Finding a moment to relax with good buddies! 
Flight School training and the journey begins!
Learning to fly the biggest toughest bird in the war.
And the tide would change because of those who dared to challenge the Luftwaffe!
My father with his ground crew in the 363rd FG
Crew Chief: Morris Easterly (on left with hat)
                    Allen L. Driver
                    Fred W. Nelson
 An interview, conducted under the direction of commanding officer Col. James H. Howard, with my father, Lt. Robert Lamar  at Pinnellas Air Field in Florida, after his tour of duty in Europe.

P- 47