At last we can have another look into the life of a young fighter pilot of World War II through his own book describing life in World War II's  "TOP FIGHTER GROUP".  
This book is written by Dr. Clayton Kelly Gross, original member of the 355th Fighter Squadron of the 354th Fighter Group.  Who was one of the first 12 pilots to join this group in early 1943.  He would serve in this group throughout the entire war and gain "ACE" status in this, the "TOP SCORING Fighter Group in Air Victories" in World War II.
You will be able to read about his experiences and feel as if you were actually there, from his days in training to his downing of one of the first ME 262's(German Jets) in the war.
A truly historical account of one of the best Fighter Groups in World War II through the eyes of one of the longest serving ETO pilots of the 9th Airforce in World War II.

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Dr. Clayton Kelly Gross