353rd Fighter Squadron Noseart and Warpaint
This is a photo of the "TOP ACE" of the Ninth Airforce, Lt. Col. Glenn Eagleston (left side of board)and his very recognizable P- 51D with the "FEEBLE EAGLE" noseart.  Here he briefs the next mission for the 356th FS with Col. Jack Bradley (right side of the board) giving target information as well as flight positions and mission time.
During November of 1944 the 354th Fighter Group had there Mustangs taken away.  They were replaced with the P-47D for ground attack missions.  Here is a photo of Lt. Col. Glenn Eaglestons P-47D with the Skull and Crossbones on yellow background of the cowl and his famous "FEEBLE EAGLE" just behind the cowl.  Notice he has 18.5 air victories on his aircraft.
Here is a good shot of the yellow and black sawtooth pattern   of "RIGOR MORTIS",  FT-V.  It was flown by Eddie Regis.  There also appears to be invasion stripes on the undersurface of the wings.  The majority of the mustang is natural metal finish.
Another good shot of the "FEEBLE EAGLE" noseart of Eagleston's plane.  Here he is with Col. Jack Bradley on the left and Lt. Col.  Glenn Eagleston on the right.
Here is one of the P-47D's without the skull and crossbones on the cowl.  Color of the cowl is still yellow with black on top of the cowl and nose.  Natural metal finish with black stripe again on the rudder.  FT-S flown by Jim Keane
This earl model P-51B has the typical white nose and cowl paint with white stripe on the rudder.  The overall paint of the fuselage is olive drab.  Here a local bomber crew is checking out the new king of the skies.  Notice the B-17F's in the background on the runway.
This is an early model P-51B in natural metal finish with the black nose and cowl.  FT-H is "Easy Rockin Mama" of James T. Burke
This is FT-K and is called "Monaliza".
Classic yellow and black sawtooth design on nose.
A mission is about to unfold for the 353rd FS and all members of the mission are lined up for takeoff.  FT-Z is "Big Jake" flown by Loyd Overfield.  Notice the black stripe on the rudder for identification, and the the black paint on the top of the fuselage that continues from the front of the cowl to the front of the rudder.